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Contemporary Art Painting – The Most Versatile Art Form

Contemporary art is basically an art genre that manifests the post-modernistic idea in all artworks. This art form goes beyond every traditional limitation with its horizon expanding into eternity. Today, there are numerous kinds of contemporary art paintings that are displayed in galleries and used for decorating homes.

So, let’s discuss the various forms of the most versatile art form – contemporary arts.

  • Applied Art

Applied art refers to the general application of artistic forms on objects. This art vibrates both intellectual as well as aesthetic stimulation of its viewers. 

Art forms that belong to this category of contemporary art are:

  1. Graphic art
  2. Fashion design
  3. Interior design
  4. Industrial design
  5. Fine Art

Fine art or visual art is appreciated for its elegant beauty and aesthetic essence. It generally deals with art types, including drawing, and design-oriented artworks.

  • Decorative Art

In a much broader sense, decorative art encompasses applied arts and crafts. It deals with the ornamentation of objects and art forms. 

The Most Recommended Contemporary Art Store

Abraham Dayan is a famous name in the field of contemporary arts. As an International Artist, Dayan is known to be the recipient of many prizes and accolades that speak of the beauty and uniqueness of his work. His contemporary artwork showcasing creative geometrical figurative images have gained him a lot of popularity all over the world.

Abraham Dayan’s contemporary custom canvas paintings are available in a spectrum of choices and at the best prices. So, go shop your heart out and make your home look elegant and classy with Dayan’s unique contemporary paintings.

Published by Artist Abraham Dayan

Whether you are looking for New Figurative Painting Artist or Contemporary International Artists, Abraham Dayan is a perfectionist artist who perfectly masters his discipline.

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